No job too big, no job too small. We're experts at vehicle signage. If it's a surface, we can sign it.


• brush lettering

• computer cut vinyl

• digital graphics

• building signage

• glass etch and signage

• design

• gold leaf

• sign installation

• footpath signs

• vehicles

• pvc banners

• posters

• display signage

• illuminated signs

• safety signage




Example 1: Gold Leaf

Lettering is drawn up and signwritten in enamel paint by hand before 22 carat gold leaf is applied and burnished.


Lettering can also be outlined and/or shaded by hand as required.


We pride ourselves in taking all care to match to existing lettering styles on honours boards.


Example 2: Hand lettering

Lettering drawn up and painted by hand on roughcast concrete wall. All text is double coated to provide maximum durability.


The client did not want signboards, so traditional brush lettering was ideal for the image this business wanted to project. The signage received lots of positive local feedback for its heritage style.


Example 3: Pictorial

The client only had a photograph of artwork for City of Wellington coat of arms which was unsuitable for digital imaging. We produced it as a hand painted pictorial work in enamels, all double coated for maximum durability.


The end effect is of high quality and very detailed.


Example 4: Promotional

Hand painted promotional signage in acrylics for easy removal and high impact. Any colour, any size, any style.


Also posters and banners.


Digital: Glass Etch

Example 1:

Computer cut 'Glass Etch' vinyl applied to glass to give sand blasted effect.


Window frosting and vision strips for glass in offices and shops .


A large range of different etch vinyl effects available.


Example 2: Computer cut vinyl lettering.

Computer cut vinyl applied to vehicle. A huge range of vinyl colours and effects available for application to just about any surface.


Example 3: Digital Imaging

Digital photograph printed on 'contra vision' film. This allows the image to be see-through from inside the store. This is just one product in the huge variety of specialty vinyls available for digital imaging. Any image, any colour, any size.


Example 4: Digital design

This map was designed from scratch to client specifications to be seen by passengers.


Our in-house digital design allows you the flexibility to make changes to digital image as required with no fuss before production. In this case each level of the ship had different layouts, so an attention to detail was required for a series of designs to be produced for client approval before production.


Large Format

Example 1: Logo to Stadium

Hand drawn to scale and brush painted on corrugated iron. The height of the 'W' is 6.0m.


Example 2: Logo to Ship

Hand drawn to scale and hand painted in a marine environment.


Example 3: Logo to building

Hand drawn to scale and brush painted on corrugated iron. The height of the 'D' is 3.0m.


Example 4: Playground marking

Clock, Snakes and ladders, compass and map hand painted to playground.